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I'm the creator of WorkItWallet, and an avid STEP'N user!

I'm also a health nerd, so was drawn to the game by the mission to get more people outside and moving. I've never been much of a gamer and am relatively new to Web3 and crypto.


My goal is to teach non-native Web3 users about STEP'N and Move-to-earn games, ultimately bringing more people outside and living their healthiest lives! 

I have an analytical mind and have spent my career in strategy and finance. The strategic aspects of STEP'N are the most interesting to me. Ask me about my past STEP'N strategies, successes, and failures!



I'm a cofounder of WorkItWallet, and an avid STEP'N user!

I'm also an engineer, marketer, and outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike, canoe, fish, run, or take my dog for a walk. STEP'N fits great into my lifestyle and I love the mission behind STEP'N to make the world healthier and greener. I've been a gamer and dabble in crypto, but STEP'N is the first Web3 project I've committed too many hours than I care to admit to!

Web3 and crypto are often talked about as scary and hard to understand, so through this website and consultations, I hope to get more people involved in Web3 and crypto! What better way than to also get them moving outside and living healthy lives?

I'm an engineer, data person, and love strategy/gamification. I hear about strategies, find new strategies, and run the data myself to verify all aspects (multiple times a day to ensure they are still profitable). Ask me about specific STEP'N strategies, my successes/failures, or anything else that's on your mind during our call.


This is not investment advice, and WorkItWallet is not responsible for any potential losses from playing move2earn games. NFT and token prices can be highly volatile. Please proceed at your own risk and do your own research to determine if STEP'N and other move2earn games are right for you.