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Getting Started With STEP'N

Below is everything you should need to get to moving and earning with STEP'N!

STEP'Nguessing there are multiple ways to do this, but this is the process I used to transfer funds into StepN to buy my first pair of NFT sneakers in the StepN app. If you're past this point and want to know which sneaker to buy, jump to Everything to Know About Sneakers in StepN.

As you'll see below, I chose to use the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange (Coinbase). There are other exchanges (like Binance, FTX, etc.) and wallets on the Solana blockchain (like Phantom, if you already have SOL or other coins in there) that you could use instead. These will have slightly different processes than those outlined below, and potentially lower fees. But Coinbase is a good option for beginners.

Let's get into it....



1 | Download the StepN App and Create a Wallet

2 | Buy SOL and Transfer to StepN Using Coinbase

A. Create a Coinbase Account

B. Buy Solana (SOL) on Coinbase

C. Transfer SOL from Coinbase to your New StepN Wallet

3 | Back to the StepN App...

A. Transfer SOL from your Wallet to your Spending Account

4 | Buy Your NFT Sneakers

5 | Final Thoughts


Download the StepN App and Create a Wallet

1. Download the StepN app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone

2. Get an activation code. This can be harder than it sounds, at least at the time of this writing. For more info on how to get an activation code, see this post - How to Get a STEP'N Activation Code

3. Create an account. This account will come with a digital wallet to store your assets. You will be given a unique passphrase (consisting of 12 words) to access your wallet if you ever need to recover it. Make sure to write (or print) this sequence of words down somewhere! Ensure it's written correctly and in a safe place. However, you won't need this on a regular basis.

Now you've got a StepN account. You'll just need to get some assets into it so you can begin playing....

Buy SOL and Transfer to StepN Using Coinbase

If you already have a Coinbase account you can skip ahead to step #2 (and save lots of time!). If you also already have SOL (or other assets that you can swap for SOL), skip ahead to step #3.

Create a Coinbase Account

  • Start at

  • Hit "Sign Up" to create your free account

  • You'll be sent a verification email. Once you verify your email address, you will be asked to provide your phone number. From there, Coinbase will text you a verification code. Enter the code you received. Never share these codes with anyone!

  • You'll then be asked to verify your identity - as shown below (2 steps)

ID Verification Steps on Coinbase

  • Aaaand you're in. Sort of. You may receive a prompt asking to verify your identity again, but the information should be already filled in and you can just click through that.

  • Next, you need to add a payment method. I've only ever added my bank account and my debit card, so can only speak to those. Tradeoffs of both are listed below. I currently have both linked to Coinbase because (1) having my bank account linked likely means I have higher trading limits across all payment methods and (2) I can use my debit card to quickly buy and transfer assets (albeit with higher fees) if I want/need to

  • Bank Account: This will have lower fees and a higher daily cap on transaction amount, but you will have to wait multiple, frustrating business days (maybe even 1-2 weeks) to transfer any assets out of Coinbase to StepN

  • Debit Card: You'll have a lower daily cap on trading amounts (usually $ 1- 5K per week) and higher trading fees, but you are able to transfer assets immediately after purchasing them

  • Regardless of which option(s) you choose, you'll need to go through a few simple connection and verification steps to add the payment method to Coinbase

  • Now, try clicking on the Buy button in the top right of your Coinbase screen - you'll likely be asked to submit an ID + photo verification. 2 more (easy!) steps:

  • Take and upload pictures of the front + back of your driver's license (or state-issued ID)

  • Snap a quick selfie with your webcam

  • Shortly, you'll receive an email letting you know that your photo ID was verified. I was actually surprised by how quick this was - I received the email in a few minutes.

  • One last note - most of the fees in this process will be experienced on Coinbase. I later signed up for Coinbase One and my transaction fees were waived, saving me a significant amount of money. The best part is, it was all on a 30 day free trial! Thereafter it is $30 per month. You may want to look into it.

  • Just in case anyone is wondering, Coinbase couldn't care less about my little website, let alone compensate me for anything I write here.

And now you're ready to buy, sell, trade, send, and receive cryptocurrency on Coinbase!

Buy Solana (SOL) on Coinbase

  • Hit the Buy button. You'll see the below screen, where you'll have to enter the amount of Solana (in USD) you'd like to purchase. I'd add at least 5% to this amount to account for Coinbase fees and general market movements.

  • You'll also choose your payment method here. If you have multiple, make sure to choose the correct method. This will determine your fees as well as how quickly you can send the assets to StepN

  • Once that's ready, hit Preview Buy. In this next screen (below), you can see how many SOL you'll be receiving, and will encounter your first (and really the only) fee in this process

  • You'll see in this example I had fees of $38.37 on a $1,000 purchase - or 3.8%.

  • Also - notice that this is netted from the purchase amount I requested, so I'm actually only buying $961.63 of SOL, which is 8.535 SOL as shown at the top of the screen. Make sure this is enough to cover the purchase you'd like to make in StepN (ideally with a small cushion - but there will be effectively 0 fees on your purchase when we get there)

Your transaction should process almost instantly. Now that you have some SOL in Coinbase, we have to transfer it to the wallet you created in StepN

Transfer SOL from Coinbase to your STEPN Wallet

  • Once you have your SOL in Coinbase, hit the Send / Receive button at the top right of the page

  • In that screen (see below), you have to enter how much SOL you want to send (or just hit 'Send All') and enter the address of your new StepN wallet

  • To find your wallet address in the StepN app, click the logo in the top-right corner of the screen (shown in picture #1 below)

  • From there, click on your wallet address to copy to (circled in picture #2 below)

  • Then paste this address into the To field on Coinbase

How to Find and Copy Your StepN Wallet Address

  • Once you're ready in Coinbase, hit Continue

  • Thankfully, these fees of 0.00005 SOL are effectively 0. Hit Send Now to send the SOL to StepN

This transfer should also be quite fast (less than 1 minute in my experience). Almost there!!

Back to the StepN App...

Transfer SOL from your Wallet to your Spending Account

You may have seen that your StepN wallet is shown alongside what's called your Spending Account. Now that your SOL is in your wallet you'll need to move it to your Spending Account to buy your sneakers. Don't worry - this is easier than the Coinbase process!

  • Get back into your StepN wallet, and hit the Transfer button, then 'To Spending'. You'll see this screen...

  • Assuming you want to transfer all of your SOL into the Spending account, you could hit the small yellow All button shown in the amount field. I don't recommend this though. Instead, leave a very small amount of SOL in your Wallet (0.01 is enough) to cover any really minor fees you may incur in the future.

  • To send, hit Confirm Transfer

This transfer took maybe 3 minutes, which was a little scary because the SOL disappeared from my wallet but was not yet shown in my spending account.....

To be fair, there is a message in the app saying inter-account transfers can take 2-5 minutes. Rather than refreshing, I found that opening and closing the app helped.

Now it's finally time to check the marketplace and buy your first pair of sneakers!

Buy Your NFT Sneakers

  • Once you've confirmed that the SOL is in your spending account, hit the marketplace icon (which looks like a shopping cart) in the StepN app. Here you can search for, and buy, your first sneaker. It only takes 2 clicks!

  • One of the features that makes StepN so addicting and fun is that there are many different attributes to sneakers, and many different strategies. To help you make the best buying decision, see this post: Everything to Know About Sneakers in StepN.

  • Once you buy your sneaker - congrats! You'll see it on the homepage and can get more detail by clicking on it

Final Thoughts

  • You won't be able to run or walk right away. You need your Energy to fill up. That's the little blue bar, with the lightning bolt, on the homepage.

  • With 1 sneaker, you'll have 2 Energy (or 10 minutes of total activity). You'll have to wait 6 hours for 25% of your Energy to fill - or 24 hours total. But if you really want, you can go on a walk/run with partial energy before waiting the full 24 hours

  • If you have enough leftover SOL in your account, this would be a good time to level up your sneaker. But you'll need to convert the SOL to GST. This is quick and easy, and is explained further in this post: StepN In-App Transfers.

  • Each level up takes a certain amount of time. For example, you will have to wait 1 hour for your sneaker to level up to L1, 2 hours to L2, and so on.

  • You can "boost" this so that your sneaker levels up immediately. However, this is quite expensive at 6 GST ($24 USD at time of writing) per hour so I wouldn't recommend it.

  • If you ever really need to boost, the c

ost decreases the longer you wait. For example, if I've been waiting for my sneaker to level up and it has 10 minutes left, I could pay ~0.6 GST to avoid waiting 10 minutes. This could come in handy if you ever need to get a walk/run in at a certain time.

Now you're ready to start earning! As always let me know if you have any questions, and please subscribe for updates!

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