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STEP'N Sneaker Pricing Tool

This tool will estimate the value of a sneaker based on its earnings potential (and other factors that affect value). Use it to determine how much you should buy or sell a sneaker for, or to find potential mispricings in the market!

I created this tool using different valuation techniques that I've learned from my 10-year career in finance, in which I've created valuations for many different companies and assets. I've never valued anything quite like this, but I think the same methods can still be useful!

Instructions (Click here for a video overview!)

  • Input the Quality, Type, Level, and # of Mints for the sneaker

  • Only common sneakers for now, but we're working on adding more sneaker qualities soon!

  • Input the sneaker stats (Base and Current) and the types of sockets

  • You'll then see an estimated value range in the Value section

  • This value is based on: (1) base stats of the sneaker relative to base stats of current floor sneakers, (2) how the previous owner allocated points after leveling up the sneaker, (3) the level of the sneaker, (4) the number of times the sneaker has been minted, (5) the types of gem sockets and how useful those gems could be for the sneaker.

  • If you'd like more detail, check the Breakdown tab to see which features/attributes have the greatest impact on the value of the sneaker

  • And if you'd like to see how much you can expect to earn from this sneaker, take a look at our STEPN Earnings Calculator!

STEP'N Sneaker Pricing Tool

(Last Updated: 07/06/2022 12:00 UTC)


  • This is not investment advice, and is for illustrative purposes only

  • Cryptocurrency and NFT prices are volatile. This calculator uses market prices for NFT sneakers as an input, and these prices can change quickly.

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