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StepN Minting Tool

NOTE: The STEPN team just announced material changes to minting costs, which are not yet reflected in this tool. Currently, it does not make financial sense to mint your sneakers. We'll update this page when we have more information.

This tool will tell you the potential profit (or loss..) from minting sneakers, and if it would be better for you to buy or mint to get a new sneaker.

If you'd like to learn more about the minting process in STEP'N, check out our Minting Guide.

Instructions (video overview)

  1. Input the current SOL, GST, and GMT prices (which update frequently but may not be perfect)

  2. Add quick details for the sneakers you're using to mint (type, # of Mints, Level)

  3. You'll need level 5 sneakers to mint. If your sneakers are not at level 5, the calculator will subtract the level up costs from your minting savings

  4. Choose whether you plan on Using or Selling the new sneaker

  5. If you sell the new sneaker, you will incur 6% sales fees

  6. Select the currency that you would like to see your savings in (default is USD)

StepN Minting Tool

(Last Updated: 07/06/2022 12:00 UTC)


  • This is not investment advice, and is for illustrative purposes only

  • Cryptocurrency and NFT prices are volatile. GST, SOL, and NFT sneaker prices may not reflect large market movements as they do not automatically refresh


  • This calculator assumes all sneakers used to mint are Common quality


  • SOL/USD - Current Solana / USD exchange rate.

  • GST/USD - Current Green Satoshi Token / USD exchange rate. GST is used used to reward user activity, and is also paid to mint sneakers.

  • GMT/USD - Current GMT / USD exchange rate. GMT is the STEP'N governance token, and is also paid to mint sneakers.

  • Sneaker Type - The type of sneakers used for minting (Walker, Runner, Jogger, Trainer)

  • The resulting minted sneaker type will be affected by the types of the parent (vintage) sneakers. This is outlined in the StepN whitepaper.

  • # of Mints - The number of previous mints on sneakers used for minting.

  • Minting costs increase with the number of mints on each sneaker. Costs are based on StepN community data and may be subject to change

  • Currency - The underlying currency for all currency-denominated fields


  • Total Mint Cost - Minting cost is based on the # of mints on parent (vintage) sneakers. Sneakers that have been minted more often will result in higher minting costs. This total cost also includes the depreciation in value of your existing sneakers from minting with them. As mentioned above, sneakers that have been minted more often will lead to higher minting costs - so the market value of your existing sneakers will tend to fall if you mint them.

  • P-Weighted Market Price - The type of newly minted sneakers (Walker, Jogger, Runner, Trainer) is based on the types of sneakers used to mint, as well as their quality. The underlying probabilities are outlined in the StepN whitepaper. This price reflects the market price weighted by these probabilities. Note: Minting 2 Common sneakers results in a Common shoebox. A Common shoebox has a 3% probability of containing Uncommon sneakers. The P-Weighted Market Price in the calculator includes this probability.

  • Minting Savings - The difference between Mint Cost and P-Weighted Market Price. Negative savings illustratively mean that buying may be more advantageous.

  • You Should... - Based on Minting Savings

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