StepN Level Up Tool

This tool will tell you the best way to allocate your points after leveling up your sneakers + how many days it will take to earn back the level up cost.


On the 'Stats' tab, input the type and quality of your sneaker as well as the current and desired level. Then add the Base and Current stats of your sneaker to see how the stats can be best optimized for earnings at your desired level.

To decide if you should level up, check out the 'Earnings' tab to see in how many days you'll make your investment back. This tab also shows how much you can make per day (in GST).

To determine the optimal level for your sneaker based on your goals, try our StepN Earnings Calculator.

StepN Level Up Tool

(Last Updated: 07/06/2022 12:00 UTC)


  • This is not investment advice, and is for illustrative purposes only

  • Based on StepN community data and subject to change

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