StepN Earnings Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much you can earn from a specific sneaker in a day and over time, optimal level-up strategy, and how many days it will take to make back the cost of your NFT purchase.


Simply input the type of sneaker, its cost, and current stats. From there you can adjust your time horizon (the # of days in which you want to maximize earnings), the numbers of times you plan to run/jog/walk per week, the number of sneakers you own, and the currency you would like to see your earnings in.

You can then see the ideal level (and stats) to maximize earnings based on your time horizon (based on current prices). You can also see how much you can expect to earn in a day and over your time horizon (net of level up costs), how many days you can make your investment back, and the ROI based on your time horizon.

If you just leveled up your sneaker and simply want to know how you should allocate the stats, check out the StepN Level Up Tool.

StepN Earnings Calculator

(Last Updated: 07/06/2022 12:00 UTC)


  • This is not investment advice, and is for illustrative purposes only

  • Cryptocurrency and NFT prices are volatile. This calculator assumes SOL, GST, and StepN sneaker NFT prices will remain at their current levels

  • Based on StepN community data. Individual values will vary and are subject to change.


  • This calculator makes some simplifying assumptions, such as:

  • Only includes Common and Uncommon quality sneakers

  • Assumes activities are performed at the optimal speed


  • Investment - The total amount of SOL that you're investing into STEPN

  • Number of Sneakers - The number of sneakers that you are planning to own (Common and Uncommon)

  • Sneaker Quality - The quality of your primary sneaker (Common or Uncommon)

  • Sneaker Type - The type of your primary sneaker (Walker, Runner, Jogger, Trainer)

  • Sneaker Level - The level of your sneaker (from 0-30)

  • Sneaker Efficiency - The efficiency of your sneakers. This determines how much you can earn for each run/walk

  • Sneaker Resilience - The resilience level of your sneaker. This determines how much durability your sneakers will lose after each run/walk, and therefore how much you will have to pay to repair them

  • Currency - The underlying currency for all currency-denominated fields (fees and Income / Day)


  • Time (Days) - How long do you want to play STEP'N? Or how long do you think it can last with GST / earnings at this level? Nobody knows the answer! But this will determine the Optimal level for your sneaker. If you want to play the game longer / are confident it will last longer, the Earnings Calculator will recommend investing more into your sneaker to increase earnings over the longer time period. If you're really unsure and/or don't want to take a ton of risk, I'd recommend leaving the Time Horizon at 30 days!

  • Walks Per Week - The number of runs or walks you will go on per week

  • Currency - The currency that you want to see your earnings in

OUTPUTS (Per Walk/Run)

  • Earnings - The total earnings you can expect to earn with each run/jog/walk

  • Repair Cost - The amount you will have to pay to repair the Durability you lose from each run/jog/walk

  • Net Earnings / Day - Earnings less Repair Cost

OUTPUTS (Time Horizon)

  • Net Earnings - Total estimated Net Earnings over the Time Horizon (Days) that you've selected

  • # of Days to Breakeven - The number of days required to earn back the cost of sneakers you purchased

  • ROI - Equal to Net Earnings / Cost of Sneakers over the Time Horizon (Days) that you selected

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