StepN Shoebox Pricing Tool

Use this tool to determine the price you should buy or sell a shoebox for, or to find potential mispricings in the market! Values shown below are based on market prices of new sneakers and the probability of receiving different types and qualities of sneakers from a shoebox.


  • Select the Type of each vintage used to mint the shoebox

  • Optional: I update this tool with new market prices frequently, but they are volatile. If you would like to check or change these prices, use the 'Sneaker Prices' tab

StepN Shoebox Pricing Tool

(Last Updated: 07/06/2022 12:00 UTC)


  • This is not investment advice, and is for illustrative purposes only

  • Based on prices of shoes in the StepN marketplace, which can be volatile and are not updated automatically


  • This calculator assumes all sneakers used to mint are Common quality


  • Vintage 1 / 2 - The sneakers that were used to mint this shoebox. You can see this information by clicking on the shoebox.


  • P-Weighted Value - The value of the shoebox, based on probabilities from the StepN whitepaper and underlying shoe market prices.

  • Net of Selling Fees - The value of the shoebox, net of 6% selling fees. This is how much you would receive if selling the shoebox at value.

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